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    Designer, blogger, 37, three kids, hobby gardener

    Hello, reader! - a few words about me


    I am born in 1974, in the middle of Transylvania, Romania, from a Romanian father and a Hungarian mother. A happy childhood in my city, Tirgu-Mures, ended as Romania came out from communism with a live-on-TV Revolution and met Europe, Capitalism, Internet and Freedom. My career as a happy illustrator started back in 1998 when I was hired by Computer Press Agora - the Romanian publisher of Byte and PC Magazine. 


    I'm a Senior Designer and illustrator at Lateral - a global technology and design hub. Working on various branding, illustration and web design projects is a challenge that never gets transformed into routine (I truly hope the Portfolio link on top will tell you something about that). I also love drawing for children: books, games and products - fully enjoying this part of my life. As for the rest, I'm a passionate but infrequent gardener and blogger and I do love to travel a lot - adding new images and people into my heart. There is plenty of room there! Happy browsing! Mircea


    Learn more about Lateral: www.lateral-inc.com

    Visit my Flickr page at: www.flickr.com/photos/mirceadragoi