• Portfolio:


    Designing a brand for the city
    Romgaz - The SPA Resorts
    Redesign the SPA experience
    Conference ID
    Costel Busuioc - Romanian Tenor
    Branding a Tenor
    SMURD - The Foundation
    SMURD, medical emergency unit, The Foundation
    Optik Ruether
    Optik Ruether - rebranding for a German optic shop
    EmmaCremma - branding
    BBTO - identity
    Drawing Booster, the Bulldog, and his Universe
    The Tales Factory
    AudioCD cover and brochure illustrations 2010
    Kids Planner 2011
    Children should plan the year too
    DoR - StarTrek
    StarTrek article illustration
    Cucurigu-Piticot - children book
    Children book illustrations and design
    CargoEmpire splash illustration
    Drawing the Cargo Empire splash
    DoR - Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis - an isometric world
    DPI Magazine illustrations
    Illustrating a magazine for designers
    DoR - Henry Coanda Airport article
    How can you deal with bird strikes - isometry
    The snowboarder - Plasticine
    Plasticine model
    DoR - The SonoRO ad
    Superheroes ad
    Isometric illustration
    Superheroes ad
    DoR - The TIFF infographic
    Superheroes ad
    Work in progress
    Work in progress
    Oldie but goldie
    Illustration files
    From sketch to final drawing
    Paper sketch to digital file
    The Tales Factory 2011
    AudioCD cover and brochure illustrations 2009, 2011
    Space of Design
    Characters for a design shop
    Audedestuldebine Children Book
    Children book illustrations 2011
    INNA the singer - Plasticine
    Plasticine model - INNA
    DoR - Dianthus ad
    Ad for Dianthus - isometric
    Banca Transilvania
    The bank website
    EnglishAttack! website
    Learning English via fun
    Self-promotion poster
    Designing a poster for a designer
    SMURD - 20 years anniversary
    SMURD - medical emergency unit
    Romanian Contemporary Art - Album
    Romanian Contemporary Art - Album
    Children Book illustration
    Self-promo poster
    Poster design
    Heineken Beer mat contest
    Heineken design contest
    La Taliene - Book design, photos
    Fishing at Black Sea
    CityPromo Maps
    A map for the Tirgu-Mures