• Romgaz - The SPA Resorts new identity

    Adding value to the SPA experience

    About the project

    CLIENT: ROMGAZ (Romania)

    DATE: 2009


    Speaking about energy, Romgaz (simply put, Rom-ania and Gaz) is one of the most important Romanian players now (methane gas extraction, transportation, storage and distribution). Romgaz it's a serious business with thousands of employees who really need regular RR (rest and recovery). And that's where its SPA resort branches came in. Romgaz has two treatment and recovery resorts in Transylvania: the first one, Expro, in Bazna - a village in a beautiful area near Sibiu, and the other one in Sovata, near Tirgu-Mures. You can imagine that drilling a hole to access a huge salted water geological reservoir it's a piece of cake for a gas producer, and that's what Romgaz has done in Bazna. Lately, in order to optimize its business, Romgaz opened the resorts to general public too and the idea to get a proper identity in order to make both locations attractive and competitive came... to surface.

    I have redesigned the logo of Expro Bazna, designed the logo for Lacul Ursu Sovata (Bear's Lake Sovata) and identity systems elements followed. Promotionals, stationery and websites, checked. The project was a huge one, with a lot of subsidiary processes, derivations and miles done.