• DoR (Decât o Revistă) - Metamorphosis illustration

    Metamorphosis - from communism to capitalism

    About the project

    CLIENT: DoR Magazine (Romania)

    DATE: 2011


    Metamorphosis appeared in DoR Magazine no.5 - Spring 2011 as a visual essay about the transformations of the Romanian society, the famous Revolution being a turning point of course.

    The illustration is featuring two text bullets, with an ironic similitude: the first one, top left, the Romanian translation of the now famous "What's on your mind" (opposite, bottom right) it was the quintessential threat of the communist Romania.  They really wanted to know - as any terror regime does - what's on your mind.

    Decât o Revistă (the title roughly translates as Just a Magazine) covers various aspects of modern Romanian life — social change, personal development, cultural trends, politics, and technology —, assembling an eclectic and thought-provoking puzzle. We produce a collectable magazine of stories because they are the tool we’ve decided to use to understand who we are, and where we wish to go. Through stories, we make sense not only of our country, but of ourselves as people. Our narratives and essays are illustrated with original photography and illustration produced by young Romanian artists.