• DoR Tiff Infographic

    How do you run a film festival - the team behind, the numbers

    About the project

    CLIENT: DoR Magazine - issue 6 (Romania)

    DATE: 2011


    How would you draw more than a dozen people (the Transylvania International Film Festival team), let the reader enjoy the visual part while digesting the numbers in the same time? All these under the inescapable pressure of  deadline? Well, use the friendly, well-known LEGO figurine, and customize more than 40 faces, all of them curiously watching the team being presented onstage at Cinema Republica - one of the cinemas running Tiff movies.

    Decât o Revistă (the title roughly translates as Just a Magazine) covers various aspects of modern Romanian life — social change, personal development, cultural trends, politics, and technology —, assembling an eclectic and thought-provoking puzzle.

    Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) is the first international feature film festival in Romania. TIFF has become a well-known brand in Romania, not only due to the outstanding films screened every year, but also for the effective organization, sparkling atmosphere and density of events, from seminars, workshops and panels to fabulous concerts and crazy all night long parties.